About Changcheng

Changcheng Industry Company, founded in 1990s, is a top PET strap and packaging machine manufacturer in China. With 30 years of experience, Changcheng has developed from a small OEM workshop into one of leading strap manufacturers in China with 5 factories. Today, 20 PET strap production lines enable Changcheng to manufacture PET straps that range from 5mm to 32mm in width, from standard coils (20kg) to MEGA super jumbo coils (350kg or more if required), from black to green. We have particular expertise in producing jumbo coil straps, which is a key component of fully automatic packaging systems.

More About Us

Changcheng’s quality straps and packaging products have attracted clients from around the world. We mainly serve distributors and retailers while some end users from different sectors like paper, PV glass, bricks, timber, cans and jars, aluminum, steel, cotton and fiber baling industries also come to us for packaging solutions.